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Terms of Use

All reservations will be made through our emails or other contacts, being concluded only after an approval by our services and obligatorily by the Customer.

The reservations must be made as soon as possible before the desired date (if possible up to a maximum of 72 hours).

In cases with 24 hours before the intended service, the reservations must be made by phone to our headquarters.

All services proposed are subject to the availability of our fleet of vehicles, being essential for the Customer to make his previous reservation as long as possible in advance of the intended date.

All correspondence exchanged between the Customer and our services shall serve as proof of reservations.

Before or after the required service, the Client may request any documentation that he/she deems necessary in exclusive reference to the contractual agreement with our tourism organisation.

When a reservation is made by telephone to our head office, the terms and conditions described herein are the same, and the Customer is fully aware and accepts them.

It is the Client’s responsibility to be at the agreed meeting points at the time arranged with our driver. It is not feasible that our waiting time may exceed 30 minutes – during this period we will try to establish contact via mobile phone with the details provided by the Customer. At the end of this period, our driver will start another service as planned, and the service will be considered finished and fully completed.

It is the responsibility of each Customer to be in possession of all the necessary documentation (passports, visas, etc) to enable him/her to move freely throughout the European continent, as well as his/her personal luggage.

The Customer, when booking our services, on his own behalf and on behalf of other passengers, is obligatorily the person responsible who has subscribed to the terms and conditions of our tour organisation.

Our Company reserves the right, at any time, to update and introduce alterations and additions to the rules established in the present Terms & Conditions herein explained, without the need for prior notice to any Entity, Client and/or Other, so that all the information, consultations and revisions previously established, will always be available through our official website, in which the updated version of the same will always appear, and those mentioned may not claim ignorance of any alterations and additions made herein.


Payments must be settled by bank transfer or in cash, prior to the performance of any service contracted with our tour organisation.

The Client can pay directly to the driver, in this case in cash (the currency to be used is always Euros).

At our headquarters in Lisbon you can pay by Visa-Multibanco system.


Clients may cancel or alter their reservation, subject to a maximum penalty of 50% up to 72 hours and 100% after that, on the dates of the contracted services.

Cancellations or changes to reservations must be made, if possible, by e-mail or letter, including a justification or request for a change of dates.


Our vehicles are prepared so that each Customer may carry a maximum of two pieces of luggage.

Any extra or special luggage must be declared at the time of booking, with our services, so that the contracted service can be carried out as best as possible and without any changes in values, duly justified.


VIPDRIVE is a brand certified by the National Institute of Industrial Property, belonging to the Company PrivateVip – Viagens e Turismo, Lda which is governed by Licence Licence No. 3853, granted by the Instituto do Turismo de Portugal, regulator exclusively of Travel and Tourism Activities in Portugal, covered by Decree-Law No. 199/2012 of 24 August.

All services advertised, proposed and carried out on our websites belong exclusively to our official tourism organisation in Portugal:

In order to guarantee this professional activity responsibility, our company has taken out compulsory civil liability insurance to the value of 75,000.00 euros (seventy-five thousand euros) through Policy no. 78404523 of Ocidental Seguros.

We assure our Clients that all our vehicles are regulated by Compulsory Periodic Inspections and covered by Certificates of Occupant Insurance in accordance with Portuguese Legislation.

Our company is governed by the obligation of discretion and secrecy required for you and your family, group of friends or business.
If, for any reason unrelated to our services, it is not possible for us to reach the destination previously contracted, we will direct our Clients to a replacement transport (private car, taxi and/or other means of transport).

All costs inherent to the replacement transport, shall be borne by our company.

We are not responsible for delays, before or during the transfer services, caused by reasons beyond our control, such as adverse weather conditions, traffic jams or road checks carried out by police forces.

We shall not be held liable for personal belongings or luggage left in our vehicles unless these have been contracted between the Client and our company.

We are not responsible for excess baggage or baggage whose dimensions, due to lack of prior notice from the Customer, make it impossible to transport it in the vehicle booked.

For transfer services, between 22h00 and 07h00, an additional cost of 20% will be charged over any value contracted with our company.


We refuse and terminate the respective transport of any Customer(s) who are visibly under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and/or whose behaviour is considered incorrect towards our driver.

Smoking, eating or drinking alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages is not permitted in any of our official touring vehicles.

We hold the safety and well-being of those we transport on a daily basis as our highest priority.

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